The Ugly Truth (2009)

2009’s hit flick The Ugly Truth is a romantic comedy starring the feisty Katherine Heigl and the macho Gerard Butler. Released in summer that year, it was an instant hit, with sold out shows in cinemas all around the globe. To this date, the movie has grossed over a whopping $205 million and with the release of the Blue Ray as well as collector’s edition DVDs, the sales are bound to go further up.

Once again, Gerard shows that inside the tough looks and the persona that made the massively acclaimed 300, has a softer, romantic as well as fun loving side to him as well, and with Katherine on his side, there sure are many instances in the movie that show some very hot and steamy love making.

The movie showcases Abby Richter, a host of TV morning show in Sacramento, California, played by Katherine. As she comes home from a rather disastrous date, she finds The Ugly Truth, a local television show hosted by Mike Chadway, played by Gerard. Mike’s cynicism relating to relationships instigates Abby to go argue with him live on air. This stunt by Abby forces the TV station to end her show and to her misery, Mike is asked to do a segment on the show she hosts!

Through all of the fights and quarrels, they both realize how opposites attract and eventually fall for each other. This movie has all the ingredients needed for a perfect love story that is just too overwhelmingly sentimental.

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