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The Game Of Their Lives (2005)

This film was also released under the name of “The Miracle Match” in 2005, and is based on the book written by Geoffrey Douglas.  A true story depicting a 1950 soccer team with everything working against and yet they find the ways to beat the odds.

Staring  widely acclaimed Gerard Butler, Wes Bentley, Patrick Stewart, Gavin Rossdale and Zachery Ty Bryan.  Directed by David Anspaugh. Ex-Producer William Immerman.  Produced by Howard Baldwin, Karen Baldwin, Ginger Perkins, and Peter Newman. Written by Angelo Pizzo.

This wonderful film is about family and the passion that shaped the lives of each player.  And the unbelievable turmoil the players went through for the love of the game and for their families.

This is an incredible story of a soccer team who, against all odds, went on to beat England with a  score of 1-0 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  No U.S. team has ever won the world cup title, until this team of underdogs. This story is about an amazing team of ordinary who came together from the streets. Part of the team came from the Hill Neighborhood in St. Lewis Mo. while the other part came from Corky Row district of Fall Rivers Mass.

The Game of Their Lives takes place in St. Lewis and New York.  A few of the members on the team were ex-service men who were metal recipients where Frank Borghi (Gerard Butler) was the team goalie.

A story that starts in the heart of the city of St. Lewis Mo.  The movie shows how in the 1950s, a group of young Italian men form the U.S. World Cup Team and the life changing trials that they had to overcome to come together as a team. They were promised to be paid for their loyalty to this country of $100.00 per week and $5.00 per day for their meals. They literally do play THE GAME OF THEIR LIVES.

This is one of my most favorite movies of all. You get to watch Mr. Butler do one of the things he is most passionate about (soccer). Although there are some historical inaccuracies, this is still a great movie to watch.  If you like soccer this one is for you.

List of Players

Frank Borghi (Mr. Butler) goalie was a Staff Sargent U.S. Army and was awarded 2 purples hearts and 2 bronze stars.

Frank Wallace (also known as pee wee) Sargent U.S. Army, Bronze star and Distinguished Service Medal.

Charlie Colombo (also known as gloves because he always wore them) Coast Guard Seaman 1st class.

Gino Pariani from St. Lewis


by: Phantom’s Kate

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