The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Gerard Butler does it again – That’s right folks! But this time around it’s in a light romantic comedy with the sexy Jennifer Anniston.

The Bounty Hunter is box office hit and stars the actor of 300 in a different role that shows Gerard Butler’s potential as a flexible actor that can play around various genres. Grossing over $133 million so far, the movie plot revolves around the bounty hunter, played by Gerard, who has been hired to retrieve his ex-wife, Nicole (played by Anniston). Nicole has skipped the bail. Will Milo (Gerard) be able to retrieve her? Find that out in this fun ride.


It is not just the comedy and the romance of this movie, but also the light action sequences, that do the trick. Gerard has been well known for his action scenes and he does not disappoint in The Bounty Hunter. He plays the role of Milo Boyd, who is a former detective of the NYPD, but has ended up as a bounty hunter, much to his bad luck.

Things get trickier when Nicole Hurley, his wife, was arrested on charges of assaulting personnel of the police. And just when she is asked to appear t the court, she gets tangled up in an investigative report, totally missing on her informant, Jimmy, who gets kidnapped. In all of this adventure, the bounty hunter is after his ex and she is investigating the kidnapping, while all the while falling in love with Milo all over again!

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