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Sexiest Man Alive

Gerard Butler Sexiest Man Alive

We know without a doubt that we can all agree this Mr. Butler is the Sexiest man walking on our planet. And how this man does not win that title year after year after year is beyond us. I know there is none other out there than can top his charm, beauty, sense of humor, and multitude of talents. Not to mention his sense of adventure. He always has to try something new. Did I mention his rugged sexy looks?

Let’s go over his most redeeming qualities:

He’s smoking hot, has an amazing Scottish accent, he sings (of course who hasn’t seen the Phantom of the Opera) He is perfectly fine walking around looking “Manley” with his unshaven face, but then again he does look good with a clean shaven face too. Yep I would say he cleans up beautifully. Very nice Mr. B!  Very nice indeed.

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