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P.S. I Love You (2007)

Very few movies are as well crafted as the 2007 romantic drama featuring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank, titled P.S I Love You. We get to witness some of the finest acting by both the lead roles and an amazing piece of direction by Richard LaGravenese, topped by an equally captivating love story by him and Steven Rodgers. By the time you’ll be done with this movie, you’ll realize the true power and spiritual side of loving someone.

The movie features Holly (Hilary) and Gerry (Gerard), who is a loving couple but is under stress due to the fights lately. All of a sudden the tides turn around for the worse and Gerry dies all of a sudden due to a brain tumor. That’s when Holly realizes what he meant to her; she sees how empty her life has become. She also realizes how petty their arguments really were.

She literally withdraws from her social circle and as her friends and family try to cheer her on her 30th birthday so that she can resolve, she suddenly receives a cake with Gerry’s message in it! It is just the beginning of a series of messages, which Gerry arranged to be sent to Holly after he died, and all ending with “P.S. I Love You”. There are a total of ten messages, which are designed to ease Holly’s pain and to make her find some courage to move on in her life.

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