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Our Party Animal

Ladies you are not going to believe this… As you know Mr.Butler is not only¬† involved with numerous charities and can play a mean game of soccer, he just bought into a cricket team franchise from Jamaica called the “Tallawahs”.

Mr. Butler states “this is the home of the greatest party in the sport of cricket, and I wanted to be in on the fun”. He also said “as a Scotsman I definitely have the appreciation of the game, and that the CPL (Caribbean Premier League) is the best combination of sports and entertainment. Furthermore I am excited about joining the team and franchise but also hopefully being part of the team that win’s the Inaugural Tournament”.

Mr. Butler took an interest after he was introduced to the event by a friend Ajmal Khan founder of Limacol CPL.

Mr. B also plans on traveling back and forth to Jamaica to watch his team win the championship.

He stated he had the opportunity to watch some of the games and wanted to support his team and sport.

For those who do not know a thing about this game (like me) we have attached a link that
explains the game so click on the link and see another one of his passions.

By Phantom’s Kate



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