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Mary’s Meals

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We all know how generous Mr. Butler is with charities, especially when it comes to the children. So are we surprised that he became involved with Mary’s meals? An organization that feeds the poorest people in the world.

In 2010, Magnus McFarlane-Barrow was the founder of the organization and named one of the top 10 CNN heroes. Mr. Butler was honored in presenting the award to him, ”I knew a little bit about the organization from my mother” he said,” she’s a huge fan of Magnus’s work. Before I presented the award they sent me a DVD describing the organization called Mary’s meals. I was blown away I had tears rolling down my cheeks so when I met Magnus, I was a bit star struck myself. I was in awe”. Mr. Butler has been a supporter of Mary’s meals since 2010.

Mr. Butler visited Liberia to see for himself what Mary’s meals was all about. The man could not leave. He rolled up his sleeves, pitched in and did whatever and wherever he could to help. We would expect nothing less of him. He’s a very generous and compassionate man.

Mary’s meals is a Scotland-based charity that helps more than 820,000 children in 16 countries, giving them one meal a day in their place of education.

Butler Stated “it’s such a simple idea, one which is magical to see it in practice.”

Sunday boy’s school, is a remote northern Liberian village they can only be accessed by canoe. It is one of 366 schools that receives assistance from Mary meals nationwide. Weekly delivers of rice, peas, corn soy blend and cooking oil. The villagers are taught how to store and cultivate their own food.

While talking to one of the children, he told Mr. Butler how it was for him before Mary’s meals came to his school. He stated he was hungry in the daytime and could not concentrate, And that someday he wanted to be a senator.

So you could be president one day? Asked Mr. Butler.

Yes, replied the child.

So I should be nice to you then? Stated Mr. Butler.

Yes, he said.

Which put a huge smile on Mr. Butler’s face.

Mr. Butler visited several schools where the feeding program was already in place. He witnessed the difference a daily meal can make to the health of the children, and the impact on their lives.

During his trip Mr. Butler pitched in to help of volunteers cook prepare and to serve meals. He bonded with the children and took a class of orphans and played football with the children. He loaded the trucks with sacks of rice provided for Mary’s meals, planted pepper seeds, and pineapples, in the school’s garden. He even danced with the villagers.

When Mr. Butler went to another village, a group of middle-aged women welcome him with a dance of their culture and convinced Mr. Butler to join in. He stated” I’m dead worried” as he came out of the crowd sweating from all the dancing. I’ve been told my dancing signifies that I’ve just married five of them.

Mr. Butler added” every meal given to these children is a little piece of love and it goes into the heart of the children that all passes down to the families in the communities. Giving them a sense of hope. It’s the difference between a child saying I want to survive tomorrow, and I want to be a doctor”.

He also said” so often when I meet people and they hear about Mary’s meals, they tell me they’d like to help. It’s one of the things about my job that never ceases to amaze me”.

“I love the simplicity and efficiency of Mary’s meals, the idea that the child can receive one meal a day in their place of education. What they are achieving is pretty amazing”.

“I think donors can take comfort knowing where their donations are going. Not only are they feeding children, but in enrollment rates are up, attendance rates are up, academics performances are up.  Their hopes just soar.” Mr. Butler states.

So he does what he does best… He gets involved.. it’s for the children.

By Phantoms Kate

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