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Machine Gun Preacher (2011)




This 2011 film not only stars the extremely talented and handsome Mr. Gerard Butler but he is also the Executive Producer.  The movie also stars Alan Siegel, Spencer Silna, Adi Sshankar, Kyle Dean Jackson, Bill O’Kane, Brad Simpson, Myles Nestel, and Louise Rosen-Meyer.  MGP is produced by Robbie Brenner, Mark Forster, and Gary Safady and co-produced by Douglas Saylor Jr.  This film was written by Jason Keller and Directed by Mark Forster.  Quite a long line of crew to get this movie launched to the big screen.

This explosive action packed movie, based on a true story about Sam Childers, is just an emotional roller coaster for a struggling man trying to find his purpose in life.

First I would like to say God bless Sam Childers for the work he does in South Sudan and God Bless Mr. Butler for taking on this extremely critical matter and giving it a voice:  A sincere thank you.

Mr. Butler had stated in an interview that he stayed with Mr. Childers and his family for a short time to get to know the real Machine Gun Preacher.  He even tried to adapt the Pennsylvania accent, but to be honest, on him it was a bit funny.  Every once in a while that Scotsman came through which goes to prove you can put the man in the city but you can’t take the Scotsman out of the man.

The beginning of this film had me gasping in horror. The thought of what these poor children have and are still going through is not something we think about on a daily basis. At times I had to remind myself to breathe. Other times I was covering my eyes in horror.

I think this is one of Mr. Butler’s finest film, what an incredibly “oh I can’t even find the words”.  It was so sad and yet the truth, at times I cried so hard I couldn’t stop.

Machine Gun Preacher_ Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Sam

This story is about a very angry and tortured man who spent time in prison for drug-dealing, drinking and fighting; and the journey to make amends with his past and start a new life worth living.

While he was in prison for drugs, Sam’s wife Lynn found the lord and attended a church regularly, which made his life difficult to say the least. When he was released from prison he went back to his old ways that included drugs and drinking. He worked in construction and yes ladies Mr. Butler gets sweaty and dirty a lot in these scenes; worth checking out Br. Butler’s tool belt.

After a night of drugs and alcohol he woke up on the floor of his living room and felt very ill. Not a pretty sight seeing Mr. Butler with his head in a toilet. On another occasion he went out with his best friend Donnie, picked up a hitchhiker when the hiker put a knife to Donnie’s throat Sam grabbed him and almost killed him.

Later that evening, his wife heard noises coming from the bathroom and when she opened the door, she found Sam trying to clean the blood off his clothes. Terrified, and on the verge of a breakdown, he found himself in need, and begged his wife to help him.   After he came to the realization he needed to change his life, he agreed to accompany her to the church she attends with his mother.  Still needing a little coaxing; feeling sad that he doesn’t have the proper shoes, he gives in and goes with her. There he accepts the lord, and was baptized.

While at this church some time later a pastor Relling came as a guest speaker on what was going on in Uganda. Sam had finished his construction job and was thinking of what pastor Relling had spoke of.

One night at dinner he mentioned that he might go to South Sudan to see what he could do to help the people. When he arrived he saw firsthand the devastation the children were forced to endure, and this was up front and foremost on his mind. When he returned home again he spoke to Lynn about and idea he had for the people in his neighborhood. He decided to build a church across the street from where they lived for all the drug addicts and the homeless people so they would have a place to go without feeling like they didn’t belong. After he had started to build the church he felt the urgency to return to Sudan.

The children there were always on his mind, he felt the need to do God’s Work. So he packed his tool belt and caught a plane back to Uganda. While he was in Uganda he had a vision, and decides this is God’s Mission for him. He returns home to inform his wife and daughter of his vision and mission. Gets what money he can together and returns to Africa.

Sam’s had asked his best friend takes care of his family while he is in Uganda.  Donnie agrees and tells Sam he has nothing to worry about.

And so his passion for saving innocent children begins in the most violent setting where these children live… A Machine Gun Preacher is born.

To this day Sam Childers still fights for the children of South Sudan and Northern Uganda. He still travels around the world making us aware of the devastation and horror that is still going on in South Sudan.


Gerard Butler as Sam Childers

Michelle Moneghan as Lynn Childers

Kathy Baker as Sam’s mother

Michael Shannon Sam’s best friend

Ryann Campos as young Paige, Sam and Lynn’s daughter

Madeline Carroll as the older Paige

Mr. Butler delivers a magnificent performance in this explosive action packed story of a real life hero.

Mr. Butler stars as Sam Childers a drug dealing criminal who undergoes an astonishing spiritual transformation and makes a life changing decision to travel to a war-torn east Africa.

After witnessing unspeakable horrors faced by innocent children, he vows to save them at any cost , including his own safety, Sam Childers begins waging a relentless battle against the territory’s renegade militia, leading harrowing missions behind enemy lines to rescue kidnapped orphans and restore peace to their lives and eventually his own.

I highly recommend this film.  It must be one of Mr. Butler’s best films and definitely need to share with the world.  This is a definite must to have in your collection.





By: Phantom’s Kate

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