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Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married (1999)

Staring Sam Loggin as Lucy with Letitia Dean, Zoe Eelas, Gwyneth Strong, Sara Stockbridge, Debbie Chazen, Michael Troughton, Frances Tomelty (Lucy’s mom), Niall Buggy (Lucy’s dad), and of course Mr. Gerard Butler as Gus. This series is directed by Sara Hellings, produced by Stuart Doughty, Ex-Producer Brian Eastman.  This TV series is based on the book by Marian Keyes by the same name.



This TV Mini-Series is 16 episodes covering over 2 discs. This TV mini-series it’s about Lucy Sullivan who had no life, a bad job and no hope of ever finding love.  One day, she answered an ad in the newspaper for a flat so she could move out of her parents’ house. When she went to look at the flat she met 2 girls and they decided that Lucy should take the flat and live with them.  The series follows them as they discover the loves and losses and their jobs. I really enjoyed this romantic comedy which takes place in London England.

The whole thing started when the office girls went to see a fortune teller who told them what would happen in their lives over the next year. Of course Lucy was to wed someone that she would not normally go for. So at a party she ran into this extremely handsome and charming young man Gus (Mr. Butler) and yes ladies she took him home (lucky girl).  And shagged him in the bath tub well you’ll have to watch to find out what happens, but you get the picture.

Gus was a liar, a cheat, a thief.  He would steal anything he could to sell to make money; he was also a con-artist, and a gigolo. He was a sweet talker, as you can imagine, who won every girls heart, including one of Lucy’s co-workers. He never gives a phone number or an address, (because he doesn’t have one) he just wants to live off them and shag them.  He has no job or means to support himself except for what he gets from all the ladies.  Lucy would meet the man of her dreams or so she thought.

Lucy’s father was an alcoholic, her mother couldn’t stand him, and Lucy always took her father’s side and blamed her mother for everything and not being more understanding of her father, but Lucy would eventually discover the truth.

Lucy has a best mate Daniel, they have known each other their whole life.  Lucy’s mom and Daniel’s mom gave birth on the same day and was even in the same room so they stayed as friends and so did Lucy and Daniel.  Lucy could always count on him to be there when she needed him.

The language in this series is a gas. Instead of saying get lost or get out of here they say piss off.  It’s funny, and instead of saying screwing someone it’s called shagging.  I love the language at times, I laughed, and other times I didn’t know what they were referring to. But all in all this series is a lot of fun, and one I would watch over and over again. If you want to know what happens to Gus, well I guess you’ll just have to watch it for yourself, but I would highly recommend this on as a must for your collection.  Lots of romance, shagging, laughs, pissin off and just plain fun. (Boy would I love to get my fingers in that head of hair he has).  Pop some popcorn and have a seat, put your feet up and watch the fun. This is a chick flick in the true sense of the word.  Leave the men out of this one ladies!  You will want this one all to yourselves.

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