Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Law Abiding Citizen is a masterful depiction of what a frustrated man is willing to do and what measures is such a person willing to take. This 2009 thriller showcases the darker side of star actors Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx.

The story takes place in suburban area of Philadelphia that is governed by crime and racial violence. It tells of a man who has become a killing machine due to the sociopathic tendencies that he has developed, after his family is killed. He goes a long way further and crosses the limit of avenging the deaths. In fact, he wages a crusade against the entire judiciary system, as he finds flaws and corruption in the entire criminal justice department.

Clyde Sheldon, the victim who becomes the criminal, is played by Gerard Butler and the role of Nick Rice, the prosecutor, is played by the brilliant Jamie Foxx. Even though we see a spotless performance by Jamie, it did not eclipse that by Gerard, who fit in immaculately in the psychotic role.  As the case trial and investigations move on, Nick discovers to what extent a human being can be taken to go all crazy. The movie is well directed and tries to capture suspense as well as keep the audience on its toes all the while, never giving out all the action at one instance.

Winning scores of nominations especially that of Saturn Awards and NAACP Image Awards, Law Abiding Citizen is a mocking of how shallow the criminal justice system of United States has become.

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