How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

DreamWorks Animation has once again come up with a 3D animated kids classic – How to Train Your Dragon. Released last year, the movie is somewhat based on a 2003 book by the same title.

The animated flick features some of the hottest names in mainstream cinema like Gerard Butler, Jay Baruchel and Kristen Wiig and also won two nominations in the 83rd Academy Awards (Best Original Score and Best Animated Feature). To this date, this family animated movie has grossed over a mammoth $494 million worldwide.

You enter the mythical adventure-land of Vikings and see the story of Hiccup, a Viking teenager, who is out on a mission to follow the traditions of his tribe and become a dragon slayer. As he gets to capture his first dragon, he gets in a tricky situation. As he prepares himself for the day when he will finally kill the dragon to gain acceptance among the tribesmen, he realizes he has befriended the beast.

Gerard Butler plays the role of the massive and huge Stoick the Vast, as his manly voice perfectly suits the ferocious looking character, and makes you realize just how perfectly crafted the characters are to suite voices as well as expressions of the stars behind them.

You are all set to enjoy an invigorating tale of friendship beyond the norms and throughout the world we have seen kids love the flick, meaning that this ought to be in your collection of family entertainment for sure!

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