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Her Knight in Shining Armor

As we know Gerry is in Sydney Australia filming his new movie called” God’s of Egypt”, during a break from filming, he was dining in a local restaurant, he noticed a couple sitting across the room having an argument. It happened to be the couples one year wedding anniversary.

During their heated arguments, the husband was so angry that he got up and left the restaurant leaving his poor devastated wife sitting there alone.

Mr. Butler being the gentleman that is, made sure the young woman was all right, paid her bill, took a couple of pictures with her, even made her smile before he left.gerrard-butler-sydeny

We give a big shout out to his mother Margaret for instilling such compassion, a huge heart, and just simple humanity in her son, which he shows repeatedly by all the charities he’s involved with.

He was this young woman’s knight in shining armor, as well as ours.

It’s been said that the reason this received publicity was because of Mr. Butler’s notoriety, although this is true, he still didn’t have to stop, he could have walked out the front door of that restaurant like every other person and went on with his life, but he didn’t, that is not in his DNA.

It makes us wonder in the world we live in today how many people walked out of that restaurant, left her sitting there alone and walk out. Well not our Hollywood Hunk. That ladies is why we love him.


By Phantom’s Kate


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