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Gerard Butler: What’s he up to now?

November, 2012 Gerard, our Dynamo Soccer Hunk
Gerard Butler has signed up for another new movie, Dynamo, scheduled to start filming in 2013.

This movie, titled Dynamo, takes place in the Ukraine and is based on a true story of a soccer player in 1942 (sound familiar?)  A novel by Andy Dougan published in 2002.  An extraordinary event took place during World War II, not on any battlefield, but in a stadium in Kiev.  A true story of courage and loyalty in the face of oppression of which the world had never seen.   more…


November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. B!  Celebrating his 43rd birthday with family on Tuesday.  Wishing him all the best and many many more.


September 10, 2012

Gerard Butler was on the TIFF (2012 Toronto International Film Festival) red carpet at The Iceman after party this Monday in Toronto, Canada (Virgin Mobile Arts & Cinema Center).

Gerard Butler TIFF 2012






A surprise visit from Gerard at TIFF; “I love Toronto. I have a good history with Toronto.  My dad lived here.  I used to come here every summer.  I made a movie here.  I have had great TIFFs, that sounds weird.  But yeah, I love it here!” Gerard Butler stated in an interview.



The names keep changing!  and we’re getting dizzy!
Mr. Butler is currently working in many movies, however the movie titles keep changing names.  “Playing the field” is now “Playing for keeps”…. and “Olympus has fallen” is now “White House taken”… no wait… it’s back to “Olympus has fallen”.  “Men and Mavericks” is now “Chasing Mavericks”… are you dizzy yet?  Frankly, we don’t know for sure what the movies will be called until they finalize the names.  Regardless of the names, the movies will be great because Mr. Butler is in them.   Stay tuned for further updates.


Gerard Butler Prove Himself Oh, you don’t have to prove anything to us…


4th of July, 2012

A few days ago on twitter there was some chatter about a barbecue party in Louisiana.   Bryan Nesbitt on Facebook stated that Gerard Butler would be hanging out with them today at their 4th of July celebration. Brian stated that he had met Mr. Butler on the lake.  Mr. Butler arrived with Lake Patrol and asked if he could hang out with them, that he was shooting a movie on the lake and wanted some fun time.  Sean Jennings on twitter stated he was at the 4th of July party on the lake across from Shreveport with Gerard Butler. No joke states Jennings, he’s not even American.

Little did they know the party that they were attending was being held at the lake house that Mr. Butler was renting while making the movie White House taken. Can you imagine going to a barbecue just to find out it was hosted by the man himself? (And where the heck was I, I wasn’t even on the list.)  Well anyway happy 4th of July Mr. Butler, we may even transplant a little American in you yet.


June, 2012
Where is Mr. Butler now?  Well, last Friday he was seen walking the streets in Beverly Hills in Hollywood.  To be exact, walking on Santa Monica Blvd…. and why not?  It’s a nice sunny day for a stroll.

I would like to know why women drive with their mouth wide open?  What’s up with that?  I suppose I would do that too if Gerard Butler walked in front of my car!  I just hope I don’t hit him.  Might have to give mouth-to-…. never mind.  ;)

by: Phantom’s Kate



Gerard Butler… The NEW face for Super Max!

“Well ladies… close your eyes and picture this… Mr. Gerard Butler standing in front of a steamed up mirror… he wipes off the steam with his hand… his chest dripping with water from his shower… (oh… if I could be one of those drops! arrrr) … he lathers his face and begins to shave… can u imagine being able to watch this magnificent specimen of a man shave that beautiful face.” (sigh) well I can.

Supermax Commercial Gerard Butler


Well open your eyes ladies and look at this. That’s right!  Here he is in his new Super Max commercial.

On August 25, 2012, the new Dubai-Based Super Max Campaign was released.  Having deprived of the commercial on this side of the world, it was hard to track down.  But we did it.  Ladies please wear a bib before watching!!!

We told you to check back with us that we would have and update and here it is.

Supermax Commercial with Gerard Butler – WATCH IT NOW!!!  Don’t druel.  It’s embarrassing.

Just click on the link above and sit back and watch our favorite Hollywood Scotsman Mr. Gerard Butler  standing in front of a mirror… shaving. Well he may not be dripping with water but its close enough for us. If you look close you will notice that you are standing in the doorway watching.  Wow, makes us hot just thinking about it.

Mr. Gerard Butler is the new face for Dubai-Based Super Max and what a face! Although he was a bit concerned about shaving off his beard, we have to say he does look a bit younger without it.

We are not sure just where this commercial will be shown in the world, but we know we have it here. So just enjoy it and sweet dreams.

Phantom’s Kate

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