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Gerard’s Mom and Dad attending the Olympus Has Fallen Premier

Gerard Butler with Parents Premier 2

Mr. Butler took his parents to the premier of his movie Olympus Has Fallen.

Mr. Butler states his mother does not really like to see any of his movies due to the content of most of them; You know the sex, nudity and the violence.  But she gave in and attended this one.

Mr. Butler also stated “she always wants to sit next to me and when I’m driving my car she’s the type of woman who when I’m turning a corner, she grabs the arm rest and says Gerard slow down you’re going too fast”. Because of the brutal attack in the beginning of the movie he was afraid, and thought “this is going to be a nightmare, that it would be too much for her, but she actually loved it”. He also said “she had the best time”.  And who wouldn’t sitting beside Mr. Butler?

Gerard Butler with Parents at Olympus Premier

Gerard goes on to say that he is finding out that women are digging it too, just as much as the men, even though its action packed.

But we know why we love it, don’t we ladies? To see this hot, sexy Scotsman do what he does best… to do what he’s most passionate about.  The job he does so well.


By Phantom’s Kate


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