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Gerard Butler Scrapbook 3 – Vanity Fair

He is simply beautiful in this one and I am sure after viewing it, you will agree.



  1. Cover page- all dressed up for Vanity Fair.
  2. Night out- looking good Mr. Butler.
  3. Time to celebrate- God can rest now he has perfected man.
  4. Gerard Butler- Lord have mercy, I can’t think of anything else to say.
  5. The party’s here- he cleans up nice don’t you think?
  6. True love- and boy do I ever.
  7. Life of the party- I am here and you’re not so there.
  8. Love is this man enough said.


Well there he is, this man just takes my breath away.  He has to be the most beautiful man I have ever seen.  I sure hope you have enjoyed seeing this as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Created by: Phantom’s Kate

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