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Gerard Butler Scrapbook 2 – Shirtless

Well ladies, here’s a scrapbook just for you… Mr. Gerard Butler is totally shirtless in this one.

Really what else is there left to say except just enjoy.
1. The man has some balls, enough said.
2. Boy would I love to run my, never mind.
3. Me thinks he needs a back rub. Boy does this man have a beautiful strong back.
4. I can’t find my keys. Need some lotion Mr. Butler?
5. Nonfat latte Mr. Butler?
6. Soaking up some rays. Do you need a towel Mr. Butler?
7. He has the most amazing eyes
8. Mr. Butler at a friend’s house in Malibu.
9. Need some lotion on your chest Mr. Butler?
10. Bad boy, Bad boy!
11. Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world.
12. Surf’s up Mr. Butler
13. Another coffee break Mr. Butler?
14. Pure perfection.
15. Are you sure this thing works.

Well I sure hope you have enjoyed seeing this scrapbook of this beautiful man… I know I have enjoyed making it for you.

Created by: Phantom’s Kate

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