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Gerard Butler Scrapbook 1 – Memories

This is a scrapbook filled with pictures and sayings that correlate with the pictures. So just sit back and enjoy the show.



First we have the cover Memories: looking so handsome and very young.  Delicious don’t you think?

Page 2: you will find an even younger picture of Mr. Butler.  A nice-looking young man however as like a fine wine he definitely gets better with age.

Page 3: is a nice collage of pictures then and now.

Page 4: THA GAOL AGAM ORT. MR.BUTLER.  Do you not just love those blue eyes.

Page 5: Phantom of the Opera 2004

Page 6: just relaxing with some much-needed downtime.

Page 7: Mr. Butler with his very proud mum.

Page 8: Whether he’s in the tuxedo or in a kilt, whether he wears black or pink, this man can rock anything.


Created by: Phantom’s Kate



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