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Gerard Butler Obtained Rights to “Pop 1280″

“Pop 1280” is a fiction novel by Jim Thompson about a Psychotic Sheriff in a remote southern town. It refers to the population of a small town. No indication where in the south it takes place.

Sheriff Nick Cory, presides over the town. He is known to be lazy, ignorant, but soon shows his killer instinct after he decides to get back at the world he thinks took advantage of.

The film will be made into a movie. Mr. Butler is to produce, but no word yet on whether he will be in front of the cameras or behind them.  Maybe he’ll do a cameo for us ladies.

Photo: I found a few more without watermarks. Gerard Butler at Bondi Beach. #gerardbutler pic 1


Jim Thompson’s writings are always about the dark human side and this novel is one of the finest, with most fans ranking the book as one of Thompson’s personal best.

Thompson has had several of his novels made into movies since the late 70s, with an adaption of “1280” called “clean slate” was made in 1981. Important events and locations were all changed in this French movie version, but Pop 1280 has never really had a clean adaptation.

 Mr. Thompson died in 1977 after a long struggle with alcoholism. He remains one of the unappreciated writers of his time, never gaining huge notoriety until after his death. Within the writing world, he is known for his dark, criminally intertwined pulp fiction.

Evil twin production will be making the film independently with Gerard Butler, Danielle Robinson, and Alan Siegel producing.


by: Phantom’s Kate

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