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Gerard Butler injured while filming Olympus Has Fallen

Earlier this month, during an interview on the Jay Leno show Mr. Butler revealed that he has two small bones that are broken in his neck.

Our Hollywood bad boy broke two bones in his neck while filming Olympus. He also revealed that he likes to do his own stunts, (well all that they allow him to do anyway,) and now he is paying for it.

Olympus has taken its toll on Mr. Butler’s body. According to Mr. Butler he was hit in the eye by a shell casing, tore off fingernail, injured his knee and along with the hyoid and the thyroid bones in his neck that were broken. He said he noticed that while singing he could no longer hit the high notes. He went to his doctor, and informed him that he was having this difficulty. The doctor examined him and  informed Mr. Butler that they had scratched his voice box in his neck, and were sending him for an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). They made the appointment for him to get this procedure done.

After having the MRI done the radiologist asked Mr. Butler if he knew that he had a broken bone in his neck, to which Mr. B replied “What?” and the Doctor informed him that he should go for a second opinion.

Mr. Butler went for that second opinion where he was informed that actually he had two broken bones in his neck. When asked what he had been doing to injure his neck, he promptly replied that he had just finished making a movie called Olympus has fallen where he pretty much got the fr***ing shit kicked out of him. Though they are going to keep an eye on him (as we will also) they also informed him it’s nothing to worry about right now.

Of course, Jay Leno immediately asked Mr. Butler to NOT get a third opinion.  We don’t want a third bone broken. ;)

More updates to follow…  he’s traveling all over for some much-needed rest, and also to promote Olympus Has Fallen.

Here’s hoping he wins an Oscar for this one ladies…


By Phantom’s Kate

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