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Gerard Butler: In talks for yet another movie called “The Raven”


Our “Hollywood Hottie” is negotiating to star in a new upcoming movie entitled (“The Raven”) for Universal and Gold Circle films. Mark Wahlberg is among those producing the Ricardo De Montreuil’s short film. Mr. Gerard Butler’s career continues to soar; he is in discussions to topline the star role of Ricardo’s (“The Raven”). Universal Studios gained the rights to the film and December of 2010. They will handle the worldwide distribution along with financing with Gold Circle, they will also produce. Liam Hemsworth was originally rumored to star, but the reports proven premature. Mr. Butler is now making a deal to play a man with remarkable powers who is being hunted down by both the government and the military.




Paul Brooks will be the producer For Gold Circle, Scott Niemeyer will be the executive producer, and Mark Wahlberg will produce with Steve Livingson who was the original person to bring the idea to the studio. Michael Gilio rewrote the screenplay that is based on a short film co-written by Antonio Perez. He and Ricardo De Montreuil Gold Circle recently worked together on the hit comedy (“Pitch Perfect”) which grossed $113 million worldwide.

Mr. Butler recently led the film district with his movie Olympus has fallen to an impressive $131 million gross worldwide.

Mr. Butler is represented by Alan Siegel entertainment and CAA.

Although the Raven has been done before it appears to take place in Los Angeles, though were not sure whether it will be filmed in LA. But it would be nice to have him home again.

In the trailer someone else plays the role that Mr. Butler will be playing, but it appears that this will be a futuristic sci-fi film.

Ladies we can only hope that he doesn’t injure himself like he did in Olympus.

Keep checking back with us to see what develops


By phantoms Kate




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