Gamer (2009)

Gerard Butler’s 2009 science fiction motion picture “Gamer” takes the heartthrob inside a gaming world that is unlike any others. This thriller flick has all the ingredients for a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience and sequences as well as action scenes that really make you thank god you are born in this age of technological advancements!



The movie revolves around a near future New York set up, where a new gaming revolution has come up, termed as the self-replicating nanites. These nanites take over all of the brain cells and allow third parties to control the body. Working in the game called “Society”. Things get out of control due to the gore and sexual activities that these characters engage in, but they are paid to do so. “Slayers” is the rather more lethal game with blood thirsty battles. John Kable Tillman (Gerard Butler) is the most recognized character in this game; having survived twenty seven matches so far and is controlled by the seventeen year old Simon (Logan Lerman). If Kablemanages to win thirty matches, he will be awarded full pardon and will make history to be the first character to ever do so in “Slayers”. And if he fails, he loses everything!

This movie is very well crafted with aptly placed shocker moments, which keep the momentum of the film very strong. You will be constantly on your toes for the 95 minutes of movie time. Watching it on HD enhances the experience and the spotless acting as well as immaculate charms of Gerard Butler never seems to disappoint. Touché!

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