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Dynamo (2013)

This movie, titled Dynamo, takes place in the Ukraine and is based on a true story of a soccer player in 1942 (sound familiar?)  A novel by Andy Dougan published in 2002.  An extraordinary event took place during World War II, not on any battlefield, but in a stadium in Kiev.  A true story of courage and loyalty in the face of oppression of which the world had never seen.

When Hitler initiated operation Barbarossa in June 1941, he caught the Soviet Union by surprise.   His armies swept east, killing the soviet forces. The biggest military gain from this war was made in a very short period of time. Ukraine was the biggest most singular country conquered.

The capital of Ukraine is Kiev, it was circled, assaulted, overrun.   Among the city’s defenders who were captured and incarcerated were many of the members of the sparkling 1939.  Dynamo Kiev football team was the best in Europe before the war.

One man determined to save not just the surviving players from the Dynamo side but other athletes too. He offered them work, shelter and most valuable bread, as workers in his bakery.  Inspired by Trusevich the goalkeeper, the Dynamo side was re-formed as start FC and a series of fixtures was arranged.

Mr Butler will be playing the role of Nikolai Trusevich.  The match is an allegory of resistance: its consequences are brutal.  Andy Dougan had discovered the truth behind the legendary encounter sorting fact from fiction and restoring to the center of World War ll a moment of extraordinary and complex bravery which demonstrates true football is not a matter of life or death… it’s so much more.

The Soccer match will go on to be known as “THE DEATH MATCH”.

Dynamo is planning to shoot in Europe and will start filming in 2013


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