Dracula (2000)


This motion picture is a Dimension films in association with Neoart and Logic films by Patrick Lussier and Wes Craven.

Story by Joel Soisson and Patrick Lussier, produced by W. K. Border, and Joel Soisson, co-produced by Dan Arrendondo, Ron Schmidt.

Executive producer, Wes Craven, Marianne Maddalena, Bob Weinstein, Harry Weinstein, Andrew Rona.  Directed by, Patrick Lassier.

Starting Mr. Gerard Butler as Dracula Johnny Lee Miller, Justine Waddell, Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Esposito, Danny Masterson, Jeri Ryan, Lochlyn Munro, Sean Patrick Thomas, Omar Epps, and Christopher Plummer as Van Helsing.

This is an all-time classic; it has been released many times with many different stars over the years… just like the Phantom of the Opera.  Mr. Butler was very young in this film and is around 31 years of age, and very attractive, and his hair is so curly (I wonder if it’s really that curly in real life).  This film opens on December 1897 in route to England on a ship in the middle of the ocean, and the ship’s name was Demeter.

We move from December 1897 to present time in London 2000.  Garfax antiques is the business that belongs to Matthew Van Helsing who was played by Christopher Plummer, the antique dealer.

Simon and Selena are the assistance to Matthew Van Helsing but Selena turns out to be a robber who is there to case the antique store so that she and her accomplice can rob the store, she thinks it has valuable antiques but all they find is a metal coffin.

A huge underground vault surrounded by skulls that are lining the walls and if you look closely to the skulls you will notice they all have fangs. The would be robbers determined that the valuables were hidden inside the coffin (and they are right with Mr. Butler’s inside) so they decide to take it.

They load the coffin onto a plane, and while in the air the robber who’s guarding the coffin tries to break it open.  But wait he cuts himself and the droplets of blood drop onto the top of the coffin.  The blood is being sucked into the coffin and now Dracula is getting stronger.  (Get ready ladies here he comes.)

The guard finally gets the coffin open, there are leeches everywhere, his body looks like a piece of stone, he has a steel mask on but we all know who’s underneath there.

The guard tries to take the cross off his chest, well right now he doesn’t look like much but he’s alive, and the makeup and the special effects they use in this movie is extraordinary.  In the front of the plane Selena and the others hear noises going on in the back of the plane. The door blows open, they shoot, Dracula takes three bullets to the chest, but it doesn’t even phase him (and wow what a chest.)

Wait for it. Oh yeah he’s gorgeous.  Okay, its time to have a moment or two in silence.  (Lets keep our thoughts to ourselves ladies)

Is that really his hand I wonder, watch it ladies the eyes… the eyes… they’ll suck you in.

While Mr. Butler’s on the plane and Mary has a vision she sees him in her dream, but is it really a dream? She sees him on the plane but he comes into her room through the door, but it’s just  a vision right?

The visual effects in this film are incredible the way they make things appear and just disappear like vapor it’s amazing. Mary sees his face in everyone she meets. Her vision are taking over, she went to the church where her friend was the priest to talk to the him about the visions she was having, but even he turned into Dracula again just a vision. I’m not sure where this is taking place but I think it’s in New Orleans because it looks like Mardi Gras.

There was a plane crash and now he’s lose in the city.  A woman reporter was reporting on the plane crash in the marsh, now he is standing behind her; he slices her throat with his fingernail to suck the blood. But he gets distracted by the cameraman and the girl runs for the Van.

When he’s through with the cameraman he finds the girl, and uses his hypnotic power to relax the girl so that she will go to him willingly (honestly who wouldn’t go with him willingly) because of those eyes. I told you about his eyes.

Don’t you think it’s a little strange that the plane crashes exactly in the same town where Mary is and she is the very reason he’s there.

Meanwhile Van Helsing arrives in New Orleans to try to recapture  Dracula  and get him back into the coffin. Van Helsing has a suitcase full of special weapons including the famous silver bullets, and boy are they big bullets there about 12 inches long, I have never seen anything like that before.  He finds the coffin, opens it, to find it empty.  Simon, his assistant arrives to try to stop Van Helsing because he thinks that he is there to kill real people, but discovers what he is seeing is real . Van Helsing tells Simon if anything moves, shoot it in the heart or cut its head off because they are not really alive they were the undead.

Van Helsing explains to Simon that Dracula is beyond the reach of death and that he hates all things Christian and God.

Dracula goes to the music store where Mary works but she’s not there, instead  he runs into her roommate Lucy. As  he walks through the store you can feel the power he has over women the way they all turn and look at him(can’t really blame them he has a looker).

The young assistant of Van Helsing has to fight vampires to help save Mary who is Van Helsing’s daughter but not only does he have to shoot them with silver bullets, he has to cut off their heads also.

Meanwhile Van Helsing went to Mary’s house were Dracula is waiting there with Lucy. In the beginning Van Helsing had been cut with the sword that was used  to try to kill  Dracula. But the blood of Dracula was transferred to Van Helsing.

When  Van Helsing married he had a baby girl, Mary. The blood that was infected with Dracula’s blood was transferred to Mary and now Dracula wants what is his, he wants Mary.

Mary arrives home to find her father dead, and Mr. Butler’s there. Can I ask a question would you run from Mr. Butler?

The phone rings, it’s Lucy. She says she’s with Mary’s father, the phone goes dead. As Mary looks to find her father she notices a mirror on the wall that was broken. Inside the frame was some writing Aramaic I think. Wait for it, wait for it. Okay I know you jumped. You had to see that that was coming right? Simon shows up just in time, he shot a silver bullet  at Mr. Butler. It is so cool he turns into 1 million bats.

Simon takes Mary to the church thinking he is protecting her but that doesn’t stop Mr. Butler. They end up in the cemetery.

20 pieces of silver that’s how much Judas Iscariot got for betraying Jesus Dracula. Dracula now has Mary with him, and if you listen closely you will hear Mr. Butler explain how the Dracula came to be.

And this is one that you will want to add to your collection directly with 2000, pop some popcorn, put up your feet, and let this man take you away.

By  Phantom’s Kate

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