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Coriolanus (2011)


Coriolanus is about two different men fighting for two different causes.   The legend of honor and the betrayal filling this movie with amazement making this action thriller profoundly relevant in today’s world. The people were against the senators and Rome was against a man.

Stars Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox, Jessica Chastain, and Ralph Fiennes as Coriolanus and of course Mr. .Gerard Butler as Tullus Aufidius.(the leader of the Volscians).  This is a Weinstein Co, Hermetof pictures, Magna films, Icon Entertainment International.

This is a modern day cross between 300 and Gamer at times. I saw King Leonidas and other times I saw Kabel. No matter the familiarities, this is truly one of a kind; Shakespeare at its best.



Coriolanus is about man wanting to dictate and acquire the power over Rome, and the people who hated him, and eventually turning on him. Though a course of events, Caius Marcius Coriolanus (Ralph Fiennes) would meet up with Tullus Aufidius (Mr. Butler) and they would fight each other. When they meet for the first time they are in a large room. Tullus would hand off his weapon and take out his knife and place it on the ground. Caius Marcius did the same. Then Caius spoke, “I will fight none but thee, for I do hate thee”, in which Tullus replied, “We hate alike”.  And so, the big fight begins.

Marcius returns home to his family his wife, son and his mother (who is a very manipulative, controlling woman) and who has complete control over her son and ultimately Rome.

Although both men hated each other and would like nothing more than to see the other dead, they did admire each other’s strength, courage, and determination.

Marcius also made a statement regarding Aufidius; he said “He is like a lion that I am proud to hunt”.

Aufidius remarked of Marcius, “If ever I meet him beard to beard he is mine or I am his”.

Coriolanus was a Roman General who was feared and demanded respect from the people, who was suddenly pitted against his own city and fellow citizens rebelling against power-hungry designs of his manipulative mother and rejected by his own people. He incited a riot that expels him from Rome. It forces him to join forces with his sworn enemy Tullis Aufidius to exert his revenge and determines his destiny. He was ultimately deemed as a tractor, spat on, forced out of office and was exiled form the city, and the people hated him for not being for the people but for himself they just wanted him dead.

As he roamed the streets for what seemed to be a life time, the people of Rome rioted in the streets. And he was forced to join alliances with his arch enemy Tullus Aufidius.

In order to stop the rioting in the streets, One of the senators Menenius went to try to convince marcius to return to Rome, After he was turned down as he was leaving he made the remark to an aid that,” Marcius has grown form a man to a dragon, He has wings, he’s more than a creeping thing. There is not more mercy in him than there is milk in a male tiger.

Although I am a huge Butler fan I have to say that Ralph Feinnes in this film was incredible. The rise of an Empire, the fall of a man. How he lived and ultimately how his life was lost.

I love everything Mr. Butler does or will ever do, but Ralph was awesome. This is one for your collection so get out there and get your copy.

by: Phantom’s Kate










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