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Charity Auction in Cannes 2012

Gerard Butler in Cannes at a Charity Auction

In Cannes Charity Auction, Mr. Butler was dragged on stage at a star packed carnival gala for Haitian Relief over the weekend, at the direction of Paul Haggis.

Mr. Haggis counted on Mr. Butler bringing in high bids for the Golden Globe Weekend Pass. The pass offered tickets to the best parties during the Golden Globe Weekend. He also assumed that by adding a “Tea with Mr. Butler” would bring the price to the next level.

Reluctantly Mr. Butler Pleaded, “Who’s up for putting in some extra money just so I don’t make a fool of myself up here? I will pay you back, I promise”.

A man in the audience suddenly jumped up and said. “100,000 euros without Gerard Butler, to win the prize.”

Mr.Butler told USA Today “I know the guy that bought it. He didn’t have to have tea with me.”

However he did admit that this was not the first time that Mr. Haggis had made a fool of him.

Gerard mentioned, “No one has the ability to fool me like Paul Haggis. He makes me come up and stand on stage. He made me feel like an idiot.”

“I think the most humiliating experiences in my whole career have been caused by Paul Haggis. He pimps me out”.

He also added, “I put up with it because it’s for a good cause.

It’s a Lethal Wepon / Die Hard/ Unapologetic action movie.”



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