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Attila (2001)

There will be a great king who will kneel to no man … and all men will kneel to him!

Men followed… Women worshiped… Rome trembled… Attila.


“The Romans have done great things, but their time is past. What they have done, we can do. We should rule the world.” Says Attila the Hun.

Men followed, Women loved, Rome trembled, this action packed movie has something for everyone.  Love, war and plenty of action!

Movie opens around  400 A.D., where a young boy who will become the warrior, the man , the King.  Who knew that this king would not bow to any man, but that all men would bow to him.

This 2001 Motion Picture is written by Robert Cochran,  directed by, Dick Lowry, and its executive producers are, Sean Daniel, James Jacks, Coldecot Chubbs.

Two worlds collide, along with two men defining the values and basic nature of these worlds is Attila the Hun.  Staring motion picture icon Mr. Gerard Butler.  Also Staring Powers Booth as (Flavis Aetus), with Simmone Jade Mackinnon, Tim Curry and Reg Rogers.

Attila, the king of the Huns (Mr. Butler) sees more for the future of his people than they see for themselves, but the Huns are perfectly happy robing, and take things by force from surrounding nations. The King of the Huns looks past that and sees the possibility of an empire and new world order.

Through the decline and corruption by politics and war the Romans stayed as the most powerful nation on earth.

The Huns determined and independent came out of the east. An Ancient Prophecy of a man (Mr.Butler) who would bring all the tribes together, and challenge Rome for the right to rule the world.

Rome must continue to rule the world, two different ideas of destiny, held by two of the strongest countries. These conflicts are at the heart of Attila the Hun.

In this motion picture Mr.Butler will take on many wives but remains loyal and forever in love with his first. Watch as countries and family survive the reign of this king. A must see and one to add to your collection. If you are a Butler fan you  will love him in this film he is just Beautiful… a definite eye candy!






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