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A 10 Year old girl with cancer gets a surprise visit…

A 10 year old girl with cancer gets a surprise visit from our Hollywood Hunk but its her Uncle Gerry.


Although it should not come as a surprise to us, after all  he is known for his love for children but none more than children who are diagnosed with a terminal disease and he is involved with an organization known as kids kicking cancer.

You know they say ” You can’t judge a man by the size of his hands, but by the size of heart” and this man has proved time and time again how big his heart is. We know he has saved a few people putting his own safety aside.   Are we surprised?  Hell no!  This is what makes him who he is.

The little girls name is Abella Wyss and at the age of 4 she was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors and then some were discovered on her kidneys. Her father was a former football professional Oliver Wyss. Mr. Butler stated ” she is the most grateful little girl” and to her, he is known as “Uncle Gerry”. Mr. Butler has been a long time friend of the family.

Although Mr. Butler has big shoulders, he as an even bigger heart especially for kids with cancer. So it is no surprise of his generosity and loving care he gives to this cause.

Underneath that gruff exterior is a man with an enormous heart.. and that ladies is why we love this man… Thank you Mr. Butler for just being you….

By Phantom’s Kate


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