Her Knight in Shining Armor

As we know Gerry is in Sydney Australia filming his new movie called” God’s of Egypt”, during a break from filming, he was dining in a local restaurant, he noticed a couple sitting across the room having an argument. It happened to be the couples one year wedding anniversary.

During their heated arguments, the husband was so angry that he got up and left the restaurant leaving his poor devastated wife sitting there alone.

Mr. Butler being the gentleman that is, made sure the young woman was all right, paid her bill, took a couple of pictures with her, even made her smile before he left.gerrard-butler-sydeny

We give a big shout out to his mother Margaret for instilling such compassion, a huge heart, and just simple humanity in her son, which he shows repeatedly by all the charities he’s involved with.

He was this young woman’s knight in shining armor, as well as ours.

It’s been said that the reason this received publicity was because of Mr. Butler’s notoriety, although this is true, he still didn’t have to stop, he could have walked out the front door of that restaurant like every other person and went on with his life, but he didn’t, that is not in his DNA.

It makes us wonder in the world we live in today how many people walked out of that restaurant, left her sitting there alone and walk out. Well not our Hollywood Hunk. That ladies is why we love him.


By Phantom’s Kate


Gerard Butler in Point Break

Gerard Butler Dot Me (227)

Mr. Butler had signed up to do a remake of the 1991 movie ”Point Break” starring Patrick Swayze, and Keanu Reeves.

Mr. Butler is in Sydney Australia filming a movie entitled “Gods of Egypt”. After the completion of “Gods of Egypt’s”, He was scheduled to start filming on “Point Break”.Point Break”, which is scheduled to start filming in late June, which will conflict times with his sequel to “Olympus has fallen” entitled “London has Fallen”, due to begin early fall.

Since Mr. Butler has already committed to “London has Fallen” he has declined to take on “Point Break”, which was going to take several months to complete.

We will just have to wait to see what happens next. We all know things change.

By Phantom’s Kate


Gerard Butler Obtained Rights to “Pop 1280″

“Pop 1280” is a fiction novel by Jim Thompson about a Psychotic Sheriff in a remote southern town. It refers to the population of a small town. No indication where in the south it takes place.

Sheriff Nick Cory, presides over the town. He is known to be lazy, ignorant, but soon shows his killer instinct after he decides to get back at the world he thinks took advantage of.

The film will be made into a movie. Mr. Butler is to produce, but no word yet on whether he will be in front of the cameras or behind them.  Maybe he’ll do a cameo for us ladies.

Photo: I found a few more without watermarks. Gerard Butler at Bondi Beach. #gerardbutler pic 1


Jim Thompson’s writings are always about the dark human side and this novel is one of the finest, with most fans ranking the book as one of Thompson’s personal best.

Thompson has had several of his novels made into movies since the late 70s, with an adaption of “1280” called “clean slate” was made in 1981. Important events and locations were all changed in this French movie version, but Pop 1280 has never really had a clean adaptation.

 Mr. Thompson died in 1977 after a long struggle with alcoholism. He remains one of the unappreciated writers of his time, never gaining huge notoriety until after his death. Within the writing world, he is known for his dark, criminally intertwined pulp fiction.

Evil twin production will be making the film independently with Gerard Butler, Danielle Robinson, and Alan Siegel producing.


by: Phantom’s Kate

God’s of Egypt

Earlier this month on Sunday, March 2nd, Mr. Butler landed in Sydney Australia to begin filming his new movie, “God’s of Egypt.”  According to Mr. Butler, he went down 3 1/2 weeks before starting his film so he could be included in all the training, and dialect sessions and for the reversals. “I do not have time for sightseeing” stated Mr. Butler “I’m anxious to get to work”. Production is scheduled to begin on March 24 in Sydney.

This film stars Mr. Butler, along with (“Game of Thrones”} Nikolaj  Coster-Waldau, and Brenton Thwaites from (Blue Lagoon). Australian writer Alex Proyas  is also the producer, and director of this fantasy adventure.

Cosy: The 44-year-old actor wore a grey sweater, grey cargo pants and an olive-coloured motorcycle jacket

This is a Zack Snyder’s graphic reenactment of the ancient battle of Thermopylae. Mr. Butler describes this project as “huge”. He also stated “It is the largest budgeted movie I have ever worked on”.

Andrew Stoner announced earlier this month that they had landed the $150 million blockbuster. Having played both Vikings and Spartans Mr. Butler is clearly no stranger to mythological characters. Starring with Mr. Butler is Jeffrey Rush from (The King’s Speech)

For Mr. Butler 2014 is shaping up to be a very busy year.

Cast is as follows

Mr. Butler plays “Set” Dark God

Brenton Thwaites plays “Bek” a young theif (The Blue Lagoon)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from(Game of Thrones) plays “God of Horus – the son of Osiris

Jeffery Rush plays “Ra” Sun God. (The King’s Speech)

French Actress Elodie Yung  From (GI Joe Retaliation, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) plays the Goddess Hathor.

Chadwick Boseman is “Troth” the God of Wisdom. From the movie (42).

Mr. Butler is character’s name is “Set”, a God who kills and mutilates his brother “Osinis”. Coster-Waldau is “Horus”, the son of “Osinis” who seeks to avenge his father’s death. Jeffery Rush will play the Sun God “Ra”, Father of Set and Osinis who is Sets ultimate target. Thwwaites is “bek” a human theif who cares little for the affairs of God’s. The script is by Burke Sharpness, and Matt Sazama, the team behind universals upcoming Dracula.

1959278_705032456201892_4382145322990719290_n (2)

Bek, a young thief who joins the God Horus on a quest through the palaces and pyramids of ancient Egypt where they meet the Sun God Ra, and the dark God Set, who kills and mutilated his brother Osiris, the son of Osiris, “Horus” seeks revenge.

French actress Elodie yung, known for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She is cast as the goddess “Hathor” and Chadwick Boseman is “Troth” the God of Wisdom.

The Scottish born hunk is Down Under to film Gods of Egypt in which he stars as “Set” and ancient Egyptian God of Chaos and Violence, he will appear alongside Jeffrey Rush, known for (The King’s Speech).

The Australian Technicians union are at odds with the producers of Gods of Egypt. The union accuses the producers of trying to drive down wages and conditions.Buff ... Gerard Butler in costume on set today. Picture: Adam Taylor

Still unsolved is a dispute between the producers and the media entertainment and arts alliance which objected to the agreement signed by a few of crew during preproduction.

After the wrapping of Gods of Egypt, Mr. Butler begins work on the 1991 remake of Point Break with Australia’s Luke Bracey in the Keanu Reeves role.

The production is scheduled to travel to Tahiti, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany it will be a six months shoot.

The Chasing Maverick star, has signed on to do the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, entitled London has Falleen. Mr. Butler will be playing Johnny Utah (Patrick Swayze) in the role opposite played by Keanu Reeves in the original Point Break.


Gerard Butler filming Gods Of Egypt in Centennial Park today. Picture: Adam Taylor

By Phantom’s Kate




Mary’s Meals

1519320_248277635338453_1396057003_o (2) 1519320_248277635338453_1396057003_o (3) 1519320_248277635338453_1396057003_o (4) 1519320_248277635338453_1396057003_o (5)

We all know how generous Mr. Butler is with charities, especially when it comes to the children. So are we surprised that he became involved with Mary’s meals? An organization that feeds the poorest people in the world.

In 2010, Magnus McFarlane-Barrow was the founder of the organization and named one of the top 10 CNN heroes. Mr. Butler was honored in presenting the award to him, ”I knew a little bit about the organization from my mother” he said,” she’s a huge fan of Magnus’s work. Before I presented the award they sent me a DVD describing the organization called Mary’s meals. I was blown away I had tears rolling down my cheeks so when I met Magnus, I was a bit star struck myself. I was in awe”. Mr. Butler has been a supporter of Mary’s meals since 2010.

Mr. Butler visited Liberia to see for himself what Mary’s meals was all about. The man could not leave. He rolled up his sleeves, pitched in and did whatever and wherever he could to help. We would expect nothing less of him. He’s a very generous and compassionate man.

Mary’s meals is a Scotland-based charity that helps more than 820,000 children in 16 countries, giving them one meal a day in their place of education.

Butler Stated “it’s such a simple idea, one which is magical to see it in practice.”

Sunday boy’s school, is a remote northern Liberian village they can only be accessed by canoe. It is one of 366 schools that receives assistance from Mary meals nationwide. Weekly delivers of rice, peas, corn soy blend and cooking oil. The villagers are taught how to store and cultivate their own food.

While talking to one of the children, he told Mr. Butler how it was for him before Mary’s meals came to his school. He stated he was hungry in the daytime and could not concentrate, And that someday he wanted to be a senator.

So you could be president one day? Asked Mr. Butler.

Yes, replied the child.

So I should be nice to you then? Stated Mr. Butler.

Yes, he said.

Which put a huge smile on Mr. Butler’s face.

Mr. Butler visited several schools where the feeding program was already in place. He witnessed the difference a daily meal can make to the health of the children, and the impact on their lives.

During his trip Mr. Butler pitched in to help of volunteers cook prepare and to serve meals. He bonded with the children and took a class of orphans and played football with the children. He loaded the trucks with sacks of rice provided for Mary’s meals, planted pepper seeds, and pineapples, in the school’s garden. He even danced with the villagers.

When Mr. Butler went to another village, a group of middle-aged women welcome him with a dance of their culture and convinced Mr. Butler to join in. He stated” I’m dead worried” as he came out of the crowd sweating from all the dancing. I’ve been told my dancing signifies that I’ve just married five of them.

Mr. Butler added” every meal given to these children is a little piece of love and it goes into the heart of the children that all passes down to the families in the communities. Giving them a sense of hope. It’s the difference between a child saying I want to survive tomorrow, and I want to be a doctor”.

He also said” so often when I meet people and they hear about Mary’s meals, they tell me they’d like to help. It’s one of the things about my job that never ceases to amaze me”.

“I love the simplicity and efficiency of Mary’s meals, the idea that the child can receive one meal a day in their place of education. What they are achieving is pretty amazing”.

“I think donors can take comfort knowing where their donations are going. Not only are they feeding children, but in enrollment rates are up, attendance rates are up, academics performances are up.  Their hopes just soar.” Mr. Butler states.

So he does what he does best… He gets involved.. it’s for the children.

By Phantoms Kate

Fallen Angel


Words seem inadequate to express the sympathy we feel over the loss of a true angel, Miss Abella Wyss.  We send our condolences to Abella’s family and Uncle Gerry and please know that we are truly saddened by your loss.  Words fall short… you are in our thoughts and prayers.

By Kate & Wanda



London Has Fallen


There is a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen in the works called “London Has Fallen”, at least we think that’s what it will be called. If you remember how many times “Olympus has fallen” had been changed; first it was called “Olympus Has Fallen”, then they changed it to “White House Taken”, and then again, back to “Olympus Has Fallen”.

According to reports, this story follows a plot to strike London during the funeral of the prime minister. Mr. Butler (who is now the head of the secret service), along with the President of the United States, sought out the help from an English agent with an M16 to assist in stopping the terrorist from an attack on London. The cast that was in “Olympus Has Fallen” will also be in this film. The production is scheduled to begin on May 5, 2014. It appears that Mr. Butler will still play Mike Banning.  Also Angela Bassett, Radha Mitchell will also be returning along with Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart.

Mr. Butler will not only have the lead role but he will also produce it.  It appears that it will be filmed in London as they are hoping for a more worldwide audience. We will keep you posted with more information.

By Phantom’s Kate

Our Party Animal

Ladies you are not going to believe this… As you know Mr.Butler is not only  involved with numerous charities and can play a mean game of soccer, he just bought into a cricket team franchise from Jamaica called the “Tallawahs”.

Mr. Butler states “this is the home of the greatest party in the sport of cricket, and I wanted to be in on the fun”. He also said “as a Scotsman I definitely have the appreciation of the game, and that the CPL (Caribbean Premier League) is the best combination of sports and entertainment. Furthermore I am excited about joining the team and franchise but also hopefully being part of the team that win’s the Inaugural Tournament”.

Mr. Butler took an interest after he was introduced to the event by a friend Ajmal Khan founder of Limacol CPL.

Mr. B also plans on traveling back and forth to Jamaica to watch his team win the championship.

He stated he had the opportunity to watch some of the games and wanted to support his team and sport.

For those who do not know a thing about this game (like me) we have attached a link that
explains the game so click on the link and see another one of his passions.

By Phantom’s Kate



Gerard Butler: In talks for yet another movie called “The Raven”


Our “Hollywood Hottie” is negotiating to star in a new upcoming movie entitled (“The Raven”) for Universal and Gold Circle films. Mark Wahlberg is among those producing the Ricardo De Montreuil’s short film. Mr. Gerard Butler’s career continues to soar; he is in discussions to topline the star role of Ricardo’s (“The Raven”). Universal Studios gained the rights to the film and December of 2010. They will handle the worldwide distribution along with financing with Gold Circle, they will also produce. Liam Hemsworth was originally rumored to star, but the reports proven premature. Mr. Butler is now making a deal to play a man with remarkable powers who is being hunted down by both the government and the military.




Paul Brooks will be the producer For Gold Circle, Scott Niemeyer will be the executive producer, and Mark Wahlberg will produce with Steve Livingson who was the original person to bring the idea to the studio. Michael Gilio rewrote the screenplay that is based on a short film co-written by Antonio Perez. He and Ricardo De Montreuil Gold Circle recently worked together on the hit comedy (“Pitch Perfect”) which grossed $113 million worldwide.

Mr. Butler recently led the film district with his movie Olympus has fallen to an impressive $131 million gross worldwide.

Mr. Butler is represented by Alan Siegel entertainment and CAA.

Although the Raven has been done before it appears to take place in Los Angeles, though were not sure whether it will be filmed in LA. But it would be nice to have him home again.

In the trailer someone else plays the role that Mr. Butler will be playing, but it appears that this will be a futuristic sci-fi film.

Ladies we can only hope that he doesn’t injure himself like he did in Olympus.

Keep checking back with us to see what develops


By phantoms Kate




Gerard Butler injured while filming Olympus Has Fallen

Earlier this month, during an interview on the Jay Leno show Mr. Butler revealed that he has two small bones that are broken in his neck.

Our Hollywood bad boy broke two bones in his neck while filming Olympus. He also revealed that he likes to do his own stunts, (well all that they allow him to do anyway,) and now he is paying for it.

Olympus has taken its toll on Mr. Butler’s body. According to Mr. Butler he was hit in the eye by a shell casing, tore off fingernail, injured his knee and along with the hyoid and the thyroid bones in his neck that were broken. He said he noticed that while singing he could no longer hit the high notes. He went to his doctor, and informed him that he was having this difficulty. The doctor examined him and  informed Mr. Butler that they had scratched his voice box in his neck, and were sending him for an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). They made the appointment for him to get this procedure done.

After having the MRI done the radiologist asked Mr. Butler if he knew that he had a broken bone in his neck, to which Mr. B replied “What?” and the Doctor informed him that he should go for a second opinion.

Mr. Butler went for that second opinion where he was informed that actually he had two broken bones in his neck. When asked what he had been doing to injure his neck, he promptly replied that he had just finished making a movie called Olympus has fallen where he pretty much got the fr***ing shit kicked out of him. Though they are going to keep an eye on him (as we will also) they also informed him it’s nothing to worry about right now.

Of course, Jay Leno immediately asked Mr. Butler to NOT get a third opinion.  We don’t want a third bone broken. ;)

More updates to follow…  he’s traveling all over for some much-needed rest, and also to promote Olympus Has Fallen.

Here’s hoping he wins an Oscar for this one ladies…


By Phantom’s Kate

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